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  • more than 15 years of experience in location sound for feature films, short films, documentaries…
  • complete self-owned – never rented out – state-of-the-art equipment package
  • one-stop shop for all sound requirements for your project


Location Sound (Production Sound) – FEATURE FILMS
    • Umrika 2013-14
    • Sold (American Production in India) 2012
    • Kaphal 2012
    • Rajjo 2012
    • The Genius of Beauty 2009 [Imagical Arts Singapore]
    • Delhi Belly [Aamir Khan Productions] 2008-09
    • Rock On! [Excel Productions] 2008
    • Patang [Khushi Productions] 2007-8
    • La Mia India [Italian feature for TV] 2007
    • The Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson [Utility Sound Tech, 2nd Unit with sound mixer Pawel Wdowczak] 2007
    • Lezioni di Volo [Utility Sound Tech, 2nd Unit with sound mixer Giancarlo Dellapina] Italian feature 2006-07
    • Partition [2nd Unit] 2006
    • The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb [Larry Levinson Productions] 2005
    • The Memsahib [English/Hindi] 2005
    • Ab Tak Chappan [Ram Gopal Varma Productions] 2003
    • Katha don Ganpatraonchi – Marathi 1995
Sound Design and Audio Post-production – FEATURE FILMS
    • Albert Pinto 2013
    • Baga Beach 2013
    • Delhi Belly  2011
    • Yakeen  Mano 2005
    • Dhoom  [ADR] 2005
    • Ab Tak Chappan [Sound Design] 2004
          A lot more work in my resume upon request…



Aaton Cantar X2 multitrack (8 track) hard drive recorder with (120 & 80GB HDD in removable caddy,

backup on internal DVD-RAM/-R/+R/CD-R OR SDHC/CF Card and external backup on firewire hard drive / SDHC/CF card)

Cantarem 8 fader mixer

O2 XDA Exec PDA for Bluetooth control of Cantar and metadata entry using Arcan software

Sandisk Extreme CF card reader with 16 GB SDHC cards for immediate data mirroring and intermediary backup

GTech 1 TB firewire hard drive (for backups)


AUDIO LTD RMS 2040 wireless systems x 6

AUDIO LTD Mini Transmitters x 2


VDB Bullet cables x 2 (for wireless booms)

AUDIO LTD dipole Antennas & remote whip antennas with magnetic base, Lectrosonics SNA dipole antennas, PSC shark fin antennas


Shotguns – Schoeps Digital SuperCMIT x 2, CMIT x 1, Sanken CS3e and Sennheiser MKH50 microphones (x 2)

Sennheiser MKH418S (MS stereo)

Lavaliers – DPA 4063 (6), TRAM (2), Sanken COS-11 (2), Countryman EMW (1), B3 (1)

DPA miniature stereo microphone kit

Aquarian H2a Hydrophone (for underwater recordings)


Boom Poles – 21ft Ktek (3), VDB XL (2), 14 ft Loon audio (internally cabled with XLR for Tx), 8 ft Ktek

Windshields – Cinela PIANO, Cinela ALBERT x 2, OSIX 3 suspension x 2, Rycote ball windshields x 2 (for MKH50), Rycote System 4 x 2 for Sanken CS3e, OSIX suspension for MKH50, Invision 7, 10 & 10HG suspensions for MKH50 and CS3e

Windtech foams for MKH418S and CS3e

KTek boom holder (for mounting on C stand)

Ktek Woods Quick Release systems x 2


Sennheiser G2 IEM system from providing wireless in-ear audio feeds to 4 persons, video assist (1) with 3 Transmitters (two for cart and one for bag)

Remote Dipole Antenna rig


PSC CART POWER 12V DC distribution system

Custom-made 12V DC mini distribution system PSC Powerstar Mini DC distribution system


SLA18Ahx2, SLA25Ahx2,AatonLi-Ionbattery6.4Ahx2 iPower Li-Po 9V rechargeable batteries x 40 (GREEN POWER!!) Litelife Li-Ion 9V batteries x 14 (GREEN POWER!!)

Sanyo Eneloop AA rechargeable batteries x 40 (GREEN POWER!!) 7.8 mAh Li-Ion battery pack x 2 for backup power

CHARGERS: SLA, NiMH, Li-Po, Li-Ion chargers x 2 UNITS of each


SLATE -Ambient ACD-301RF Master slate with wireless Time Code feed

Denecke GR-2 Master TC generator

BETSO SBOX1N on-camera time code generator

CART, CASES, BAGS [Total weight of gear for transport ~ 180 kg]

Sound cart – self-designed and built aluminium and teak wood sound cart, dimensions 18x16x40″ weight 25 kg (with wheels), can be completely dismantled to fit into case

Portabrace (HPRC) 2800 case 32x23x19″ (for sound cart, SLA battery & cables) – weight 13.5 kg

Storm 2975 case 31x20x15.5″ with padded dividers (microphones, wireless systems et al) – weight 10 kg

Pelican 1600 case 24x19x9″ (windshields x 3) – weight 6.4 kg

Portabrace (HPRC) 2400 case 16x12x6″ (for battery chargers, wall warts et al) – weight 1.5 kg

Storm 2400 case 16x13x7″ (Cantar + batts) – weight 2.5 kg

Pelican 1400 case 12x9x5″ (TC Slate, etc) – weight 2 kg

(All cases with cubed foam inserts and/or padded dividers)

Plano Tube case (for boom poles) 6×60″ – weight 2 kg

KT Systems bag for Cantar and 4 x wireless Rx plus DC powering, IFB Tx et al

Versaflex Body Harness


Sony MDR 7506, Sennheiser HD25 SP II, Ultrasone 750 Pro & 650 Pro headphones, Shure SE535 Professional in-ear monitors

Datavideo 7″ LCD monitor mounted on magic arm

TRANSVIDEO TITAN wireless video transmission system for receiving picture from video village

Apple Macbook Pro 15″ with Pro Tools 9.x LE/HD

RX Eplorer wireless monitoring system

Sony PCM-D50 solid state handheld stereo recorder with windjammer

Yamaha Pocket recorder

Denecke Phantom power supplies (mono and stereo)

Array of cables with extra rolls of cable and whole range of connectors

Extensive electronics / electrical and basic mechanical toolkits

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